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Posted: May 13, 2011 in Martial Arts

So, I’ve been studying Korean martial arts off and on for the last three and a half years. My husband used to attend classes with me, but quit because taking class after working construction all day was very hard on him. My stepson is working on his second degree, and my daughter is in their Tiger Cub class. My stepdaughter took classes for a while, but stopped because she didn’t have time for that and marching band.

I have testing tomorrow morning. I am a dahn bo nym, which means black belt candidate (my belt is half brown, half black).  This test is, for me, the first of many (at least 7, usually 12) tests to get from dahn bo nym to black belt.

I’ve done this before, so I shouldn’t be as nervous as I am. Then again, it’s my first real test in over a year.  After the test I took to get to DBN, I fractured my ankle in class. It’s STILL giving me hell. My instructors have been very patient with me, which has been a HUGE help.  It’s always good to have them there to push me and also make sure I don’t overdo things.

I wish it was a closed test, though. Stage fright is a bitch.


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I’m new here. I haven’t even really decided what I want this blog to be about. Maybe it will just be random shit about my life.  Or shit my five year old says. Or WoW and all the hilarity and drama that entails. Possibly things I like. Kuk Sool and knitting. Music.  Natural hair.  I’ll decide tomorrow. Maybe.