Wooh! Week Four!

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Health and Fitness

Alright, now! I am on a roll! Made it through to week four. My husband says I should have a day of rest between workouts, but I don’t know that this will allow me to get done everything I need to do, so I’m going to figure something out. Here’s what we have this week”

Exercise for 300 minutes

200 core reps

200 cardio reps

200 upper body reps

200 lower body reps

64 oz of water on two days

100 oz of water on two days

Post a workout selfie to team post

Post motivation to team post

Post weight/changes at end of week


I’ve noticed that, even though the requirements increase each week, meeting them is not as daunting as I thought. Maybe that’s because I’m progressing, rather than trying to start working out from this point. I’m getting better at balancing house, hubby, kids, school, knitting, and working out. I will be able to start a new challenge soon, too. I’m going to do this one:

I know it starts in February, but I'm late. It's ok.

I know it starts in February, but I’m late. It’s ok.

I’m looking forward to it, rather than being nervous about it.

Edit: I took my measurements this morning. Hubby wasn’t kidding when he said I was slimming down. I’ve lost 1 1/2 inches at my waist and hips, 3/4 inch off my thighs, and 1/2 inch off my upper arms. I learned a long time ago not to stress over what the scale says, but that 3 pounds I’ve lost is definitely a positive.

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